Treatment options may include:

 Manual Therapy Also known as ‘hands on treatment’, techniques such as joint mobilization /manipulation can be used to restore joint mobility and ease pain.  Soft tissue techniques (Muscle Energy Techniques, Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue Massage) may be used to help restore the length and health of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, and to reduce pain.


Acupuncture Used alongside physiotherapy with scientific evidence as a means of reducing pain and promoting healing.  Trigger point acupuncture may also be used to facilitate relaxation of specific muscles following trauma, for longer-term unresolved muscle pain or spasm, and as a way of increasing muscle length in order to aid stretching and rehabilitation.


Exercise Therapy and Movement This is an essential part of restoring function and the healing process.  Physiotherapists are highly skilled in understanding anatomy and biomechanics and will prescribe exactly the right exercise for you, and advice you what exercises not to do. Louise provides rehabilitation to all levels and stages of the recovery period


Clinical Pilates A unique exercise focusing on the deep postural muscles.  Strengthening core muscles allows the body to move more efficiently, preventing excessive stress and load on the musculoskeletal system.  Clinical Pilates is a modified form of Pilates based on the latest scientific research


Education Education and advice plays a major role in your recovery.  Following your assessment you will be given a clear diagnosis and explanation of your problem.  Part of your treatment will include education to prevention recurrence of your problem


Sport Tape Used as part of the rehabilitation process to treat conditions such as achilles tendinopathy, tennis elbow, runners knee and many more

Treatment sessions normally last 25 minutes.  


During these sessions your problem will be reviewed and treatment conducted.


If it is felt that Physiotherapy is not appropriate for you, Louise will be able to advise you if your problem requires a Scan or Referral on to a Consultant







Health Professions Council

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists